Today's program gets going with Laura in the Naked Newsroom with the Bulletins
- German carmakers Daimler, BMW, and Volkswagen are under investigation in the EU, accused of collusion
- Wisconsin company Three Square Market is offering employees microchip implants
- A sketch of the New York City skyline, by Donald Trump is up for auction through
- A new Gallup poll says 40% of American drinkers go for beer. 30% choose wine, and 25% pick spirits
- After a previous million-dollar settlement, a second of Usher's ex-lovers is now suing him for $20 million, accusing him of giving her herpes

Tia checks in with what's happening in Entertainment
- Hilary Duff's Beverly Hills home was burglarized while she was on vacation, and it looks like her vacation pics tipped the crooks off that the house was empty
- Los Angeles police are looking for a creeper who's been posting threats to Ellen Page's Instagram
- Ariel Winter is firing back again after people commented negatively on what she was wearing
- A hacker claiming to have Kylie Jenner nudes eventually followed up, saying it was just a joke
- A sexy video of behind the scenes at Bella Thorne's recent topless lingerie shoot was posted then deleted

Katherine Curtis respawns for Game Spot
- Call of Duty: World War 2 will have an awesomely gross and horrifying Nazi Zombie mode when it launches November 3
- FIFA player Tony Kok was booted by PSV Eindhoven after his Twitter history, full of lewd comments and trug use, was noted
- It looks like a Nintendo 64 Classic may be in the works, following the NES Classic and SNES Classic released
- Three new Blade Runner VR games are coming out in advance of the new movie's release, with Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit now available
- Kat reviews Superhot VR for Playstation VR - and she's calling it a must-buy

In the Naked Foodie, Eila Adams will help you become the Master of Grilling by letting you know some of the coolest gadgets you might not know you want. From the Thermapen instant-read thermometer to the BBQ Guru, to the Looftlighter, to the Carson Rodizio, she's got the scoop!

Today's classic Kat Curtis segment is a trip back to 2010, when Roxanne West performed an intervention on an Avatar Na'vi-obsessed Kat took things a little too far.

And we close out with Madison Banes joining Kat to talk a little more about Avatar. Be sure to watch at