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Bio: Angie Heyward was born and raised in the suburbs around Toronto, Canada, and is of British, French-Canadian, and New Zealand heritage. She could always be found performing, whether it was impromptu dance recitals in the driveway or concerts from the balcony. That enthusiasm never waned, so when she heard about Naked News, she figured it could be a perfect fit for her. She has plenty of experience in front of the camera, and has been seen in everything from art exhibitions to Playboy. Angie has a taste for culture, and loves the ballet, museums, and music. She's also an avid reader, and particularly enjoys Bret Easton Ellis and David Wong, and her favorite book is House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski.

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Angie Heyward Galleries

Halloween 2015 - Madison, Natasha, Peyton, and Angie

For our highly-competitive Halloween costume contest, Angie Heyward is Jessica Rabbit, Peyton Priestly is a sexy barmaid, Natasha Olenski is sexy kitty, and Madison Banes is Poison Ivy.

Angie - Naked In The Streets - June 4

Angie out doing Naked In The Streets on June 4, behind the scenes interview photos.

Angie New Bio Pics

Angie's new bio pics.

Natasha Angie Slumber Party

Girls will be girls, and when Natasha Olenski and Angie Heyward get together for a slumber party, there are pedicures and pillow fights before tucking one another into bed.

Angie and Natasha- Sleepover Party!

Ever wondered what girls do at a sleepover? Let's face it, it's nothing like this sexy, sweet photoshoot- but wouldn't it be great if it were?

Angie Provocateur

Angie Heyward is breathtaking in lace lingerie.

Angie Heyward loves lingerie

Angie Heyward loves lingerie and the lacier the better. She brought in a sexy new set and was happy to pose for us in it, and out of it.

Angie in a Crown

Angie in a Crown

Angie Models Her New Lingerie

She just got back from buying some expensive sexy lingerie (Agent Provocateur) and was game to show it off for us.