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April Torres past Anchor

Bio: April Torres, age 33, joined the Naked News team in January, 2003, and reports on a variety of topics. Her sparkling personality and natural Latin beauty bring a whole new dimension to the program.

April is six feet of woman and all personality and charm. She virtually sparkles with enthusiasm in front of the camera.

Born in South America to multiracial parents, and now living in Toronto, Canada, April has a diverse background, having done everything from modeling to working in Health Sciences.

In addition, she's gained her most valued experiences - life experiences - by traveling extensively, exploring North America thoroughly, and enjoying immersing herself in Spain, Morocco, Tangiers and various other exotic ports of call.

Fun-loving and a natural athlete, April is often found at the gym, golfing, downhill skiing, and when she's not working out, she enjoys dancing the night away. Outside city limits, she loves camping and taking her Pekingese dog for long walks through the forest. She recently took up Pilates and kickboxing as part of a goal to improve her flexibility and strength.

April is comfortable with nudity, believing it to be the most natural possible state. "Being nude is being truly yourself, with no deception and no artifice. It's the ultimate form of honesty."

One day, April hopes to be living either near the ocean or in a cabin in the wilderness, cooking her favorite exotic foods, and designing her own line of accessories. Until then, we're delighted to have her here on the "program with nothing to hide"!

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