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Ariella Banks past Anchor

Bio: Ariella Banks, 24, joined Naked News in March, 2009, after she wowed viewers and the producers with a terrific Guest Anchor audition. In addition to her "bombshell-next-door" beauty, she also demonstrated she was both engaging and fearless - two characteristics that make for a great Naked News anchor.

A born-and-bred Canadian, Ariella Banks grew up something of a big-city girl. She was always into fitness and performing, but, never someone to follow just one path, she embraced her wide array of interests and explored them all. From sports to language studies, from dancing to video games, she was perpetually on the go.

This pattern continued as she continued her education, when Ariella's formal studies included Computer Sciences, Languages, and Psychology, with an informal study of Astrology thrown in just to keep things from getting too serious. She was famous among classmates for her great sense of humor. "After all," she says, "you have to laugh at yourself. If you can't, you're taking life way too seriously."

After finishing her studies, she held a variety of jobs while she decided what career path to follow. Her smarts and tech skills landed her an office job as an account manager for an IT firm. But in her off hours, Ariella looked for more creative outlets, taking dance lessons, working out, and adding modeling and acting to her repertoire.

When the opportunity to audition for Naked News came up, Ariella Banks didn't hesitate. She says, "I love this show. It's an amazing opportunity to use and enhance my interests in world events. And seriously, one of my first ambitions when I was a little girl was to be a news anchor. This is fate!"

Ariella Banks has a logically flawless philosophy when it comes to going au naturel. "Nudity is a natural and beautiful state. Why not share it with others?" We know that all of our viewers appreciate her generosity.

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