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Ashley Jenning past Anchor

Bio: Ashley Jenning , age 29, joined the Naked News in January, 2003. Ashley loves to cook, and no one cooks like Ashley - so you won't want to miss her "Cooking in the Raw" segments. Bon appetit!

A native Australian, Ashley moved to Toronto from Adelaide, South Australia, in 1997. She spent time in the advertising and hospitality industries before her thirst for adventure brought her to the Naked News team.

A Leo who was also born in the Year of the Tiger, Ashley embodies the free spirit of the big cats, combining a love of quiet pastimes like reading and listening to classical music, with a wild and crazy party side. From Korn to Vivaldi, from whitewater rafting to an afternoon in an art gallery, she believes in living life to the fullest, every day.

Ashley loves to travel, and has enjoyed some of her favorite vacations in Bali, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. When not crossing oceans, she also spends time in Chicago and Las Vegas, and anywhere she can find a mind-bending rollercoaster.

Nudity fits perfectly into her life philosophy - "Clothing is one of society's barriers, and I'm all about knocking down senseless barriers! Nothing is as freeing as being comfortable in your own skin." Ashley's sparkling personality and wicked sense of humor have made her a favorite addition to the Naked News anchor team.

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