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Carli Bei past Anchor


Carli Bei was born in Southern Ontario, not far from the US border, and grew up in Toronto, Canada. She's of Chinese descent. She was a competitive dancer for many years, and still loves to dance. Carli wanted to go to film school but instead went straight into acting and modeling. She was spotted by a casting agent and began appearing regularly in TV and movies. In her downtime, she takes long walks with her minpin, Bane, or drops into jazz or hip-hop dance classes. Carli also has a creative streak, and loves designing and making costumes. She plans to learn to paint, as well. Although she had a busy schedule already, when she was invited to audition for Naked News, she decided it was "the right thing to do", and was an immediate hit with viewers. She's looking forward to making her mark. As she puts it, "the possibilities are endless".

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