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Carmen Russo past Anchor

Bio: Carmen Russo, age 45, reports on Entertainment, and is one of the original webcasters. She represented the team from September, 2000 to August, 2002, and once again returned to the show in January, 2004, to the delight of her many fans and friends.

Born in Montreal, Canada, an exotic beauty of French-Canadian and Algonquin Indian descent, Carmen exudes an earthy warmth and charm.

A former actress and model, Carmen intimately knows what it's like to be in front of and behind the camera. She took her both sides philosophy even further, and has worked both for others and for herself. She began as merchandising consultant for a multi-national corporation, where she honed her sharp business sense and stock market savvy. She then took those experiences and followed her entrepreneurial spirit, parlaying her skills and love of fashion into her own business as a vintage clothing dealer.

Carmen is a woman of great strength and opinions, and the opportunity to "tell it like it is" was a powerful incentive for Carmen to change careers and join the Naked News team. She quickly became a fan favorite, and when she left to concentrate more on her passion for vintage items and clothing.

Her fans, old and new, were delighted at her return, which was prompted by a milestone birthday. "I turned 45, an age where women are apparently supposed to just curl up and disappear, and I realized that I loved being so-called middle-aged. I felt great vibrant and confident - and I thought I could be a role model for women who aren't 21 any more. Naked News management wholeheartedly agreed with me, and I came back better than ever, if I may say so!"

Carmen sees the opportunity to work in the nude as the ultimate freedom of expression, and a way to express beauty in all its forms. She feels that age is no barrier to strength and beauty, and, in fact, should be embraced and celebrated. Naked News members heartily agree.

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