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Christine Kerr past Anchor

Bio: Christine Kerr, age 32, joined the Naked News anchor team in June, 2005, after getting an excellent response to her visit as a guest anchor. Her striking good looks, charisma and quirky sense of humor made her a fan favorite right away.

Christine Kerr knew she wanted to be a performer from a very early age. From childhood through high school, she threw herself into as many theatrical productions as she could manage, acting and singing in everything from "Grease" to "Fame". That was enough to prove to herself that her future was in the performing arts, so she continued on to a college diploma in acting, and a university Honors B.A. in Theater and Drama Studies.

An enthusiastic Gemini - versatile, talkative, and quick-witted, Christine Kerr continued to perform, in media ranging from TV commercials to independent films to Fringe Festival plays. The Naked News is not the first place Christine has bared all. She is at ease with nudity and comfortable in her body, firm in her belief that the human form is a thing of beauty to be celebrated in all its variations.

In addition to her anchor work with Naked News, Christine continues to be a member of a burlesque troupe, a group of time-traveling performers. Their shows are often set in different eras and locales, with themes ranging from Gay Paris to rock & roll, to a 60s beach party.

Christine is thrilled to be working on an innovative and creative program like the Naked News. "It combines so many things I enjoy and respect. It's informative, interesting, entertaining, and lets us express ourselves and our ideas, free from so many superficial trappings." Naked News members are thrilled she sees it that way.

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