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Devon Calwell past Anchor

Bio: Devon Calwell, age 20, was a webcaster, and joined the news team in June, 2001. Her inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge, along with her natural beauty, elegance and poise, made her a stand-out choice for the job. Devon's reporting is fresh and original, and she brings both curiosity and wisdom to all that she does. Devon is from Ontario, Canada.

Ms Calwell was a university student, who had taken a break from school to build up a nest egg to cover tuition expenses, and was working as a waitress. Wanting a more challenging job, Devon began surfing the Internet to look for a new position. That's how she discovered Naked News was holding auditions for broadcasters, decided to try out, and succeeded! Her webcaster job has since allowed her to continue her studies, and she is intent upon earning a degree in psychology.

A hockey fan, Devon loves animals, enjoys reading about historical events, and writes poetry as an avenue of self-expression. Devon sees beauty in all that surrounds her, and one of her dreams come true is to visit all Seven Wonders of the World.

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