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Elle Kingsley past Anchor

Bio: Elle Kingsley, 22, joined NakedNews in October of 2008, after her appearance as a guest anchor resulted in a flood of positive feedback. Her wholesome natural beauty and unpretentious girl-next-door personality have brought a fresh new spirit to all her segments.

Raised in a small town in Ontario, Elle is a straight-A university student and plans to continue to study all areas of television broadcasting and communications. A natural extrovert, she loves music of all genres, and began studying piano before even starting school. She can, and will, recite all the lyrics to The Whos rock opera "Tommy", given the opportunity.

In addition to her studies, Elle loves cooking and baking, and playing sports to keep fit. To balance the physicality, she is also very spiritual; an avid yoga nut, and she swears by meditation. She believes in giving back to the community by volunteering, and has worked with developmentally disabled adults and for an emergency shelter.

Elle is also an aspiring model, and was immediately intrigued when she spotted a posting for Naked News anchor auditions. Believing that it provided a truly unique opportunity both to gain experience in broadcasting, and to express herself and her desire to improve the world around her. "Naked News is a groundbreaking forum to get messages out, and to educate people about the issues of the world", she says, "and as an information junkie and not-so-closet do-gooder, I couldnt possibly resist this opportunity."

She is confident and always comfortable in her own skin, especially when its all shes wearing. She says "You know that feeling when you loosen your tie and kick off your shoes? Every time I remove my clothes, Im removing the stresses of life. They say that when you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life. Thats me at Naked News." Naked News members definitely appreciate the sentiment.

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