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Erin Sherwood past Anchor

Bio: Erin Sherwood, age 27, joined Naked News in October, 2001 and reports for both and Naked News TV! Her poise and sensuality, combined with a beguiling smile and exuberance for life, made her a sure-fire choice to become part of the team. Erin brings an edge to Naked News that is intelligent, fast-paced and witty. She is originally from London, Ontario, and has also lived in the United States.

Ms Sherwood is a former adventure therapist and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and cultural studies. She left the field in 2001 to explore new horizons. By chance, she was asked to be in a commercial, and enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to focus on a career in the entertainment industry. While reading Now Magazine, she saw that Naked News was auditioning for webcasters, applied for the job, and was offered a position on the spot!

Erin is a free-spirited risk taker and genuinely a "what you see is what you get kind of person." She is self-confident, comfortable with her body, and sees nudity as a way to defy stereotypes. Always active, Erin skips rope and boxes to stay fit, and enjoys horseback riding and kayaking, and wants to learn rock climbing next. She likes foreign films, old school blues and jazz, and traveling. Erin loves animals, wants a horse, and claims that her basset hound, Edgar, is a back seat driver! Wherever she goes or whatever she does, you can count on Erin to add a special spark and sizzle to the scene.

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