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Holly Weston past Anchor

Bio: Holly "Hollywood" Weston, age 32, was the second webcaster to join the NakedNews.com team back in 1999. Holly likes getting people's attention and then using the opportunity to share a tidbit or two that will brighten their day, and Naked News gives her the freedom to do that, uncensored and uninhibited.

Ms Weston studied dance extensively and taught jazz and tap dancing classes for many years before joining Naked News. Holly has a keen interest in health and fitness, and because she views the body as a temple, is quite relaxed about working in the nude.

Holly greatest future desire is to travel. New places and cultures will always be alluring to her, and she is equally drawn to the Spanish Riviera as she is to New Zealand. Holly doesn't stand still for anything or anyone, and faces the world on her own terms, armed with tons of ambition and an innate sense of fun.

In December 2000, Holly was the first Naked News anchor to announce her pregnancy, and her fans were delighted that they were able to follow her through this wonderful time in her life. As her due date approached, fans even wrote in suggesting baby names.

Holly's daughter was born on May 12, 2001. As a celebrity mom, she knows it isn't easy, but Holly is determined to raise Scout in the privacy of her family, away from the limelight.

After a brief hiatus to spend more time with her daughter, Holly is thrilled to be rejoining the Naked News anchor team. In addition to having more "Mommy time", Holly used her time off to train and test herself physically. She's proud to say that she thinks she's in better shape now than she was before the birth of her daughter. Holly's strength of character is a model for us all!

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