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Bio: Kat is a dedicated nerd girl who loves Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dragon Age, dystopian lit, Geoff Johns' work, Star Wars, Neil Gaiman, Strangers in Paradise, RPGs, geeking out, The Guild, Joss Whedon, Jonathan Coulton, Kirby Krackle, and costuming at conventions. She plans to one day rule the world, in costume, and has been steadily gaining hordes of loyal minions to lay waste to everyone who dares stand in her way. She has interviewed such notables as comic book legend Bob Layton, and writer/director Kevin Smith. She's happiest in her kitchen, knitting nerdy quilts, or sewing Star Wars themed oven mitts when she isn't playing video games or arguing with people on the internet.

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Katherine Curtis Galleries

NN Halloween 2015 - Kat

For our highly-competitive Halloween costume contest, Katherine Curtis got done up as Livewire.

Kat Melissa Cooking In The Raw

Katherine Curtis and Melissa Childs are in the kitchen and it's the rare time that there's no such thing as "too many cooks"

Kat and Carli as Rogue and Psylocke

Katherine Curtis and Carli Bei get cozy with cosplay as two of the most Marvelously sexy women around.

Kat Getting Sunscreened before Naked In The Streets

Kat Getting Sunscreened before Naked In The Streets

Cosplay Gallery- Rogue and Psylocke- STRIP FIGHT

Some ladies like to play strip poker. Well, we imagine that the X-Men would play strip sparring- first one to strip and restrain the other wins.

(Who are we kidding? Let's face it- everyone wins.)

Kat on the Couch

Kat on the Couch

Kat with a Weapon

Kat with an orange weapon

Katherine Curtis Black Lingerie

Katherine Curtis smoldering in a sexy black lingerie

Kat's New Haircut

Katherine Curtis is rocking a sexy new 'do along with some sexy new lingerie.

Super Sexy Kat

Katherine Curtis, aka The Naked Nerd, makes one super-sexy superhero!

Ball Hockey Versus

Naked News Girls Play Ball Hockey

Katherine Curtis delivers the news with a sensual flair.

Katherine Curtis is a reporter you can trust with a body that will make you lust.

Katherine Curtis is geeky and gorgeous

Katherine Curtis is sexy, smart, and sassy.

Kat Posing In See Thru Bottoms

Kat Posing In See Thru Bottoms.

Kat Getting Ready

Kat Getting Ready

Playful, pretty, and pale - Katherine Curtis is perfection.

Katherine Curtis is a red-headed and stacked.