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Kelli Graham past Anchor

Bio: Kelli Graham, age 27, joined the Naked News team as an Entertainment Correspondent in November 2002. Ms. Graham attended college in Boston to become a medical doctor, however she decided that being a doctor was not her calling; she was much better suited for the entertainment world. This decision was made easier by her modeling experience while living in Paris, France.

While her film credits include a co-lead role in Cries of Innocence and a principal role in Jimmy Campbell, Ms.Graham may also be recognized for her six appearances in Playboy magazine.

Ms. Graham's talents are not limited to modeling and entertainment, she is also writing a book entitled How To Seduce Your Lover through Cooking. Other interests include writing, dancing, travelling and cooking.

Kelli lives an adventurous life. One of the adventures she remembers most is while swimming in the ocean, she was attacked by a shark. Ok, it was only a nibble on her foot, but not many people can come in contact with a shark and laugh about it later. We're happy that it wasn't more serious. Otherwise, she wouldn't be our correspondent today!

We're thrilled to have Kelli on board!

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