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Lisa Benton past Anchor

Bio: Lisa Benton, 23, joined the Naked News anchor team in January, 2006, after a very well-received guest anchor visit. An effortless beauty and uninhibited personality, Lisa brings a whole new spark to the program.

Born in Toronto, Lisa is the youngest child in a large blended family. With older siblings to contend with, Lisa worked on developing her naturally big personality to stand out. A born performer, she never got lost in the crowd, usually winding up front-and-center in any group photo. Sometimes even group photos of strangers.

She continued to stand out, eventually graduating from University with a degree in anthropology and a crew of lifelong friends and vaguely embarrassing stories. Soon after graduating, she put her well-honed schmoozing skills to good use, when she joined a recruiting and consulting firm, working alongside executives in strategic sales.

Although the networking and the challenges were fulfilling, Lisa's lifelong dream was to become a performer an actress or television personality. Working at a desk and talking to clients was a job, rather than a passion, and making a spectacle of herself was frowned upon. She began to immerse herself in the creative world, acting in community theater and even appearing on a reality program. Always learning, she is still studying and taking classes with prominent acting coaches.

When Lisa spotted an audition call for Naked News, she took the plunge and arranged an interview. Drawn to the combination of creativity, innovation, and the opportunity to learn, plus major savings on her wardrobe budget, she figured she'd found her niche. Viewers agreed, and soon she returned to the studio fulltime.

When not performing, Lisa enjoys listening to music, and confesses to being a big Elton John fan. Music is the food for my soul, she says. Naked News and all its fans are delighted she has brought that lovely soul to the program with nothing to hide.

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