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Roxanne O'Neill past Anchor


Roxanne O'Neill first auditioned for Naked News last year, when she was still a teenager. She loved her experience in front of the camera but felt a little shy about returning to the studio. Fast forward one year, and she'd grown out her locks and adopted a brand new attitude. She loves flashing her mischievous smile on camera for all to see!

Something of a bare body freedom activist, Roxanne has an affinity for revealing all. She can also be a tad scatterbrained at times, so she figured a job where the point is to remove all belongings from your person could only serve her well. In her spare time, she loves to improvise neat arrangements of songs she loves, draw wacky portraits of imaginary creatures, and eat tasty vegan food. Her quirky personality makes her a great fit for Naked News, where she gets to combine the theatrical with the personal- all while naked!

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