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Samantha Page past Anchor

Bio: Samantha Page, age 36, joined the Naked News in February, 2003, after being declared the runaway winner of the Naked News Audition Contest. Her elegant style, in addition to her intelligence and beauty, make her a perfect choice for the Naked News team.

Samantha was born in England, and lived there until her mid-teens. A natural performer, she has extensive experience on-camera and on-stage, as a singer, dancer, and actress. Her resume includes "A Chorus Line" and "Run For Your Wife", in addition to numerous guest spots on TV and in film. After several years of steady performing, she decided to take up a new challenge and go back to university, double-majoring in psychology and zoology, then entering studies for therapeutic body works.

After hearing about Naked News' Audition Contest, Samantha sent in a videotape. The producers immediately recognized her spark and charisma, and offered her a fulltime position on the program.

Samantha's many years studying Shotokan Karate has earned her a black belt, along with a code of honor and discipline that have stayed with her to this day. She uses this discipline to fuel another passion - writing screenplays. She indulges this hobby almost daily, concentrating mainly on thrillers and dramas.

Since joining Naked News, Samantha has taken advantage of the numerous opportunities to expand her experiences. Trapeze work, learning to fence, and bungee-ing pose no problems for her, as she's done them all and more on the program.

Having spent so much time in front of people, and through her other works in the therapeutic field, Samantha has come to truly appreciate the body in all its forms. Regardless of how societies define beauty, she believes that "the truth is, that the more you respect yourself, the more beautiful you become both inside and out."

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