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Sarah Winters past Anchor

Bio: Sarah Winters, age 27, joined Naked News in December, 2002, and reports for both Naked and Naked News TV. Her playful, outgoing and free-spirited nature is an excellent addition to our incredible ensemble of news anchors. Sarah's appetite for entertainment combined with her intelligence is an attribute that enables her to be a magnificent Naked News anchor. She is originally from Guyana, South America, but Toronto is the only place she calls home

We discovered Ms. Winters during an "open mic" night at a local comedy club. She moved on from her job as an events planner and singing telegram girl to take up the challenge of auditioning for the Naked News and to pursuing a career as a news anchor. Sarah compares stand-up comedy to being naked, stating that; "Even though my clothes stay on during my stand-up, I always feel pretty naked. So I'm going to feel right at home working for the Naked News!"

Ms. Winters attended University in Ontario majoring in English Literature. She enjoys reading and writing a great deal and is an advocate of literature through volunteering for the organization "Building Beyond Borders." Sarah aspires to have her new book of funny and fierce short stories complete within the next year. Some of her favorite writers are Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Anais Nin and the poet Langston Hughes. Her favourite book right now is "Women Who Run with the Wolves." She claims this book changed her life - making her the wild woman that she is. This beauty maintains her modest figure with an advanced step aerobic routine, running, and Pilates at least four times a week. She enjoys eating healthy food, and considers herself to be a very good cook.

With this impressive background, we're thrilled to have Sarah on our webcaster team!

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