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Tia Larose
  • Birthday: July 21st
  • Height: 5'7
  • Measurements: Everything small & tight!
  • Turn Ons: A sense of humour, Goal oriented, a good kisser, unselfish and stylish.
  • Turn Offs: Rudeness, an aggressive personality, being self centred(conceited) Poor hygiene and a hairy body
  • Hobbies: Dancing, lip singing, Photo editing and cooking.

Bio: Born in Toronto, Canada and raised in Houston, Texas, Tia likes to feel as though she has the best of both, city and country. Growing up down south with Guyanese, Venezuelan, Jamaican, and Irish heritage, the gorgeous lady has always stood out in a crowd. Tia is a bit of a foodie- she loves to stroll around the city and explore new restaurants, or whip up some good old fashioned country cooking at home. She burns all those calories off with private dance parties by herself in front of a mirror. When she's not dancing with herself, Tia loves going to the gym, playing volleyball, pole dance, and partner stretching. She's also a Netflix and chill kind of girl- watching a movie and cuddling up with a big cup of tea is how she unwinds, with comedies being her genre of choice- one of her favorites is "Deadpool"

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