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Whitney St. John
  • Birthday: August 30
  • Anchor Since: 2006
  • Height: 5'4"/162cm
  • Measurements: 34D-25-35
  • Specialty: Sports and Entertainment
  • Turn Ons: Hockey hair, scars, athleticism, big hands, silk sheets
  • Turn Offs: Rude guys, black socks with shorts, too much bling, people who don't like dogs
  • Hobbies: Yoga, football, Twilight books, organic cooking, working with dogs


Whitney is a unique blend of beauty, brains, and bad-assery. The beauty is easy to see, and she spent two years on the beauty pageant circuit, as well as appearing in several movies. The brains become very evident when you learn she attended university on a scholarship, and received credentials in three languages - in addition to English. She also loves culture, and can frequently be found at the opera or the ballet, when she's not catching up on Vampire Diaries on DVD. And bad-assery? Whitney is a certified attack dog decoy, with a postgraduate degree in K9 behavior, which she uses when she trains and competes personal protection dogs.

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