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We're starting another amazing week here at Naked News, and it all starts with Guest Anchor Veronica in the Naked Sports Report
- The Minnesota Vikings won their first game in their new stadium, but lost star Adrian Peterson with an injured knee
- The Steelers beat the Bengals, and the Browns blew a 20 point lead to fall to the Ravens
- The New York Mets' injury-ravaged season continues with pitcher Jacob deGrom diagnosed with a nerve issue in his elbow
- Martin Truex Jr. held off Joey Logano to win the opener of NASCARs Sprint Cup playoffs
- Canelo Alvarez beat Liam Smith in the 9th round with a devastating body shot

Keeping us up to date, is Angie Heyward in the Naked Newsroom
- 200 million gallons of contaminated water seeped into Florida's Floridian aquifer, one of the state's main groundwater sources
- Britain is set to double fines for using handheld phones while driving, with second offences being hit even harder
- Russia has added YouPorn and PornHub to their banned sites - along with sites like YouTube and Wikipedia
- Game of Thrones got its 38th Emmy Award this weekend, putting it ahead of Frasier for most-ever of the statuettes
- A plane crash-landed on a house in a Phoenix, Arizona, suburb, but of the 5 people onboard and 2 in the home, only one, the pilot, was injured
- Eddie Braun successfully jumped Idaho's Snake River Canyon as a tribute to Evel Knievel

Eila Adams checks the scoop from Hollywood in Naked At The Movies
- Reports say Benicio Del Toro will star in the upcoming reboot of The Predator franchise
- According to audio commentary by Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer, Mister Sinister will show up in the next Wolverine movie
- Stan Lee has sold his life rights, and the flick's producers say it'll be an action-adventure set in the 1970s
- Two viewers had to be helped by paramedics after getting sick while watching the cannibal movie Raw at the Toronto International Film Festival
- Eila takes a look at another TIFF movie, Free Fire starring Brie Larson and Armie Hammer

Guest Anchor Jemma answers a viewer's question about dating and attraction in Ask An Anchor

Isabella Rossini takes down obnoxious food snobs and pretentious foodies in Talk Is Cheap

Then this week's non-pretentious Naked Foodie is Katherine Curtis
- I Love Paris by Guy Martin took the best fine dining award at the Airport Food and Beverage Conference and Awards
- Orange juice sales are falling, with sales down 13% in the past 4 years
- All 21,000 of Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Passes sold out in less than one second
- State Fair Treats is a Texas State Fair-themed restaurant set to to open in a Texas Walmart, with nationwide expansion possible
- Guac Tacos & Tequila is NYC's East Village guacamole restaurant, with eleven versions on the menu

And we wrap things up by revealing the winner of our most recent Facebook Caption Contest, and announcing a new Like and Share to Win contest. The winner will get a t-shirt and baseball cap that's been worn and signed by Natasha Olenski.  Enjoy the full program and thousands of archives at www.NakedNews.com