Another day, another sensational Naked News program!

We've got Eila Adams with the details from the Naked Newsroom
- 1 in 6 Americans uses psychiatric drugs, but there are significant differences between men and women, and among races
- Michigan passed bills to allow self-driving cars to be tested without a driver at the wheel
- Bill Gates will spearhead the Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund, to finance affordable, reliable zero-carbon emission energies
- Former Brady Bunch star Susan Olsen was fired from her LA Talk Radio job after a homophobic Facebook message to a gay actor
- Uber's new list of unacceptable behaviors for drivers and customers includes no sex in the car
- French police are hunting thieves who robbed an armored truck of about 150 pounds of gold in a daring highway heist

Guest Anchor Sadie brings us the Entertainment report
- The Love Magazine video advent calendar is a thing of beauty, with videos from hot models like Emily Ratajkowski and Doutzen Kroes
- The January 2017 edition of Esquire Mexico is their Swimsuit Edition, with South African beauty Genevieve Morton on the cover
- Kylie Jenner is making waves with her Christina Aguilera impersonation, first on Halloween and then again at Xtina's birthday bash
- Selena Gomez is the fresh new face of Coach. She'll appear in ad campaigns and design her own line for the luxury accessory label

Katherine Curtis checks in with the Naked Nerd
- Rogue One star Forest Whitaker is auctioning off prizes for his charity, the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative, at
- A feathered dinosaur tail was found preserved in amber, by paleontologists in Myanmar. It's believed to be from a baby coelurosaur
- is Microsoft's fancy face-swap bot that uses photos from Bing to morph two things into one
- Toronto researchers have been working on "neural karaoke", and are teaching computers to write songs
- Staff and students at the Rhode Island School of Design redesigned NASA's Mars simulation mission space suits

This week's From The Vault segment goes all the way back to 2004, and our exclusive One On One with former anchor Athena King. That's followed by a viewing of our frequently-requested "No Jeans Dress Code" clip, also featuring the Greek goddess herself.

Carli Bei pushes all the right buttons in Game Spot
- Nintendo's HackerOne program is offering up to $20,000 to hack their system, as they want customers to point out security issues with the 3DS
- Will Ferrell is set to do a new movie described as a Talladega Nights-style take on competitive gaming - esports
- Kanye West is reportedly working on a video-game themed album, currently titled Turbo Grafx 16, with Nintendo titles among the track list
- If you're looking forward to Super Mario Run for your smartphone, take note!  Turns out you won't be able to play it offline
- Carli also reviews Steep, billed as the most realistic action sports experience ever

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