Today we're straight into the top stories with Carli Bei in the Naked Newsroom
- The CEO of Reddit admitted to editing comments in a pro-Donald Trump subreddit in the face of harassment, and sort of apologized
- Space World amusement park in Japan has closed its new skating rink after anger over thousands of dead fish frozen in the ice
- A Moroccan TV channel is under fire for airing a segment demonstrating how women can use makeup to cover domestic assault bruises
- 20 year old Russian chess Grandmaster Yuri Yeliseyev died falling from a 12th floor balcony trying to climb from a window
- 2016 saw the biggest ever die-off of Australia's Great Barrier Reef corals
- Amazon will now allow people to review just five items a week, if the items weren't purchased through the online retailer

Eila Adams has the scoop in Entertainment
- Actress Rose McGowan's leaked sex tape is all over the internet, featuring the actress pleasuring a man, and then herself
- Alicia Silverstone bared it all in a new PETA ad for their anti-wool campaign
- $80 gets you a super-sexy set of Emily Ratajkowski polaroids, taken in 2012 before she shot to stardom in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video
- Irina Shayk knows how to fill out her jeans alongside Joan Small and Stella Maxwell in Replay's new ad campaign
- Joanna Krupa's Mannequin Challenge video features the beauty reading nude - just how we like things

Guest Anchor Clara has the news and reviews for gamers in the Game Spot
- You can now bet on eSports events in Las Vegas, as the Downtown Grand Hotel and Casino is now allowing gambling on gaming
- A leaked image suggests that the Nintendo Switch will retail for around $250
- Developers have just released a huge new update to No Man's Sky, and also dropped the price to just $25
- Sequel sales have been disappointing, with Dishonored 2, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Watch Dogs 2, and Titanfall 2 all well off the originals
- Clara reviews Killing Floor 2, which features totally crazy, over-the-top action blasting monsters

In this week's edition of From The Vault, we go all the way back to 2007, with Roxanne West interviewing former anchor Carmen Russo in The Schmooze. It was to celebrate Naked News' 300th television show - quite a blast from the past!

Katherine Curtis is, as we all know her and love her, the Naked Nerd
- A mint condition Pikachu Illustrator Trainer Promo Hologram sold for nearly $55,000 at auction, besting expectations
- Spirited Away and Totoro creator Hayao Miyazaki created an incredible, massive clock that plays vignettes over Tokyo
- Google's DeepMind is a better reader than a human lip reading expert, getting nearly 4 times as many words correct
- The geniuses at Bad Lip Reading created an extended version of their Empire Strikes Back song, and it's amazing

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