We're pretty sure watching Naked News is going to be a high point of your weekend!  The sensational threesome of Isabella Rossini, Katherine Curtis, and Carli Bei are co-hosting, and they have a blast at the same time.  Sex toys, the X-Men's Danger Room, silver penises, Chris Pratt, dinosaurs, booty shaking, conspiracy theories - pretty much nothing is "off topic" when these three get started. And best of all, it's all in context, so you know you're going to be informed AND entertained!

Carli Bei goes Naked In The Streets at the Vanity Sex Fan Expo, where she asks some of the lovely attendees about their taste in men. Ever wonder what a hot woman notices first in a man? What she likes? And what's a dealbreaker? Now's your chance to find out! 

Katherine Curtis visited sex shop Good For Her and learned about sex toys that are fun for couples. Not just what type of toys, but uses you might not have thought of before. Sure, it's educational, but the homework will be really awesome. 

Angie Heyward shows us what went viral in the Video Blog. She's got a clip of people using a leaf blower to turn their chiminea into a volcano, another showing some Icelandic wind, some no-look throws that are pretty amazing, and a game of "Fuck, marry, kill" with a trio of grandmothers. Plus, our five favorite Vines of the week.

Isabella sits on the couch with bodacious hip-hop model Ricchie Ricch in The Schmooze. They talk modeling, spectacular butts, music videos, and demonstrate the art of the booty-shake. You may have seen the preview, but now this is the real thing! 

Indie pop-rockers The Riot Police came to the Naked News studios a while back for a Turn It Up segment with Carli. Not only is there an interview, but we also get to enjoy an acoustic performance. These guys are good, and the music is amazingly catchy. 

There's also Eila Adams Naked At The Movies taking a look at zombie documentary "Doc of the Dead", which includes an interview with the director by Kat Curtis. 

Peyton Priestly looks at celebrity nudity in movies and newly released Blu-Rays in Hollywood Xposed, with the help of the fine folks at Mr. Skin.  This week's clips feature Bryce Dallas Howard, the movie Free The Nipple, and 70s "Blaxploitation" star Pam Grier in Coffy and Foxy Brown.  Then, via Egotastic, she's got some of the sexiest photo shoots of the week. Micaela Schaefer, Samantha Cannon, Rebecca Dayan, Melissa Giraldo - sizzling! It's a veritable feast for the eyes. 

Eila Adams takes Jacqui Childs and Victoria Sinclair through some yoga moves from the beach at Hedonism Jamaica in Flex Appeal.

Natasha Olenski and Madison Banes bring us some of the interesting and quirky stories from around the world, just to keep you in the know. We are Naked News, after all!

You definitely won't want to miss any of this, so be sure to watch at www.NakedNews.com!