Today's program starts off with Isabella Rossini in the Naked Newsroom with the top stories
- Sports Authority has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with nearly $1.1 billion in debt
- Whistleblower John Slowik is set to receive a $51 million payout after being fired for raising the alarm about kickbacks
- According to the Federal Trade Commission, debt collectors have become the most complained-about consumer concern
- Barack and Michelle Obama will be keynote speakers at the upcoming South by Southwest conference and festival in Austin, Texas
- The US goverment's "Hack the Pentagon" program is a "cyber bug bounty program", with approved hackers out to crack security systems
- Former Playboy Playmate and Miss Bosnia Slobodanka Tosic got 2 1/2 years in prison for her role in a plot to assassinate her crime boss boyfriend's rival

Angie Heyward crowns movie director Alex Proyas our Boob of the Week for his Facebook rant slamming critics. They didn't like his mega-bomb "Gods of Egypt", so he's blaming them for the failure of his terrible flick. Bad form, Mr. Proyas!

Natasha Olenski checks out some other super-sexy weathergirls in her Naked Weather Forecast. That includes meteorological marvels like Ariane Brodier, Jackie Guerrido, Elita Loresca, and the jaw-dropping Yanet Garcia.

Eila Adams checks out what's happening in the music industry in Turn It Up
- The Foo Fighters responded to breakup rumors in epic style, releasing a video of Dave Grohl going solo as the rest of the band picks Nick Lachey as the new lead vocalist
- The Rolling Stones are set to play a free concert in Havana, Cuba
- ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons revealed that his impressive beard with Lloyd's of London, though the value of the facial hair hasn't been made public
- Retro fans will be excited about Def Leppard's upcoming tour with REO Speedwagon and, on some dates, Styx

Madison Banes goes Inside The Box for the top TV stories
- Fuller House is getting savaged by critics, but despite that, Netflix has renewed it for a second season
- Crime drama NCIS will be on the air for at least another two seasons, with Mark Harmon on board at least through its 15th season
- NBC is making a high society version of Making a Murderer by adapting a book on the attempted murder trial of Claus Von Bulow, accused of causing his wife Sunny to overdose on insulin
- Sylvester Stallone is set to executive produce "Strong", a 10-episode fitness competition
- She checks out the new preview for HBO's Ballers with Andy Garcia joining the cast led by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

And Isabella finishes us off with some Viewer Mail. She answers questions about the "stocking disrobe", and Eila's upcoming bikini fitness program, and also gives the results of our most recent poll question.

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