Whitney St. John is here, co-hosting with Kat Curtis!

Today's awesome show kicks off with Addilyn Bailey checking out TV Land as she goes Inside The Box
- Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs is set to play the captain on the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access
- Alec Baldwin says he's likely to stop bringing his Donald Trump impression to SNL, saying he doesn't know how much more people can take
- Netflix is releasing not one but two Dave Chappelle comedy specials on March 21
- Jimmy Fallon has added "This Week in Words" to the Tonight Show, and it's actually pretty funny
- Our Stream This pick is Love season 2 on Netflix, starring Gillian Jacobs, and produced by Judd Apatow

Natasha Olenski has the bulletins from the Naked Newsroom
- A new index of the best countries in the world has the US down in number 7, with Switzerland, Canada, and Great Britain the top 3
- The IRS is reminding people to file their 2013 tax returns ASAP, since unclaimed refunds will soon be going into Uncle Sam's pocketbook
- Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett is recommending investors put their cash into index funds, rather than hedge funds
- MIT's Media Lab will be awarding a Disobedience Award to a person or group who's taking risk to affect positive change for society
- Would-be French presidential candidate Cindy Lee of the Pleasure Party was arrested recently for campaigning the streets of Paris topless
- A Florida couple got a hell of a scare when a Royal Caribbean cruise ship came terrifyingly close to their Florida waterfront home

Roxanne O'Neill crowns our Boobs of the Week, and it's anybody who's upset about the minor character of LeFou having a "gay moment" in the new live-action Beauty and the Beast movie.  It's 2017, and the "moment" is more Ernie and Bert than Brokeback Mountain. People need to chill out! 

Holly Hoxter answer's a fan's question about her best physical asset in Ask An Anchor.

College and university students across the US are putting the books down and getting their drunken debauchery on because March is Spring Break. Madison Banes is taking a look at some of the hottest Spring Break spots in her Naked Weather Forecast.

Carli Bei will make your heart sing with all the music scoop in Turn It Up
- Coldplay has a new 5-song EP called Kaleidoscope coming out this summer, and the new single, Hypnotised, and it's video have been released
- Spotify is still the top streaming music service with numbers well ahead of Apple Music
- Nirvana's legendary album Nevermind is back on the Billboard charts, meaning it's been on the Top 200 for 350 weeks
- Imagine Dragons just dropped a new video, and it features Dolph Lundgren in full Ivan Drago mode

It all wraps up with Whitney and Kat answering some Viewer Mail.  Find out about Kat's Naked Nerd segment, thoughts on random genitalia photos, and our most recent edition of Versus. Oh, and Whitney's love of calculus!  Watch now at www.NakedNews.com