Oh hey, is it hump day already?  Nice!

We open things up with Roxanne O'Neill in the Naked Newsroom
- In Apple's most recent quarter, their balance sheet showed over a quarter trillion bucks in cash and investment
- The Department of Transportation says the US' 25 biggest airlines raked in $4.2 billion in baggage fees last year
- Norwegian billionaire Kjell Inge Roekke says he'll give away most of his fortune, starting with building a research ship to help clean the ocean
- Reporter Diana Falzone is the latest person to sue Fox News, claiming gender and disability discrimination
- OxyContin makers Purdue Pharma settled a Canadian 10 year old class-action lawsuit for $15 million, making no admission of liability
- A trio of photographers are on trial in Paris for the topless photos they snapped of Kate Middleton, using telephoto lenses from far away

In Naked News Travels, our Guest Anchor Krysta checks out Club Orient, a naturist resort on the gorgeous beaches of St. Martin, in the French West Indies.  It's a great place to rest and relax - and surf, dine, socialize - totally au naturel.  Then Eila answers a question about exercising, in Ask An Anchor.

Madison Banes has scoured the internet to find some cool sites On The Web. She's takes a "peak" at Explore-Everest.com, and its incredible look at the dangerous climbing route to the peak of Mt. Everest. Then world.time.com/timelapse uses Google's satellite images to show the massive changes Earth has seen in the past three decades. And worldcam.eu has compiled thousands of webcam links where you can watch everything from airplanes to kittens! 

Alana checks out what's Trending Now
- Kylie Jenner's celebrity-studded bathroom selfie from the Met Gala got about 3 million likes in the hours after she posted it
- The Fyre Festival was an epic fail for organizers, but a gold mine for social media. RC Cola's Twitter burn was our favorite
- A photo of a man and his 30 gallon drum of Cinnabon frosting on public transit truly captured social media's attention
- A Dutch architect used popular emojis to decorate one of his buildings
- Our #FollowMe of the week is Gabrielle Grace Epstein, an Australian model with curves in each and every right place

Eila Adams is a huge animal lover, and went Naked In The Streets to find out what people had to say about their own pets.  She even found one person who hates animals - crazy!

And we close out with Carli Bei and Katherine Curtis playing a round of BeanBoozled, which is sort of like Russian Roulette with jelly beans - you don't know if you're getting one that's delicious or disgusting.  See the full Program With Nothing to Hide now at www.NakedNews.com