Are you ready for another Hump Day edition of Naked News? We sure hope so, because it's a good one.  Katherine Curtis keeps us posted in News Off The Top
- Volkswagen's trouble continues to pile up as more countries are considering investigating the carmaker's pollution test fraud
- Groupon is laying off 1100 employees, and close offices in Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, and Puerto Rico
- Starbucks is launching Mobile Order and Pay, an iOS and Android app that'll let users order and pay before even entering the store
- Facebook will expand its trial of Instant Articles, which lets users read stories without leaving Facebook. Sites include Buzzfeed and New York Times
- Donald Trump is mad at Fox News again, saying that Bill O'Reilly was treating him unfairly
- Actor Sean Penn filed a $10 million lawsuit against Empire co-creator Lee Daniels, for his comments comparing Terrence Howard's history of assaults to Penn. 

Whitney St. John looks at what's making waves on the web in Trending Now
- Someone tried to blackmail NHL star Jaromir Jagr with a photo of him in bed with an 18 year old Czech model, and failed when Jagr couldn't have cared less
- New Zealand's All Blacks rugby club debuted their new triangle version of their haka, and it's crazy intimidating
- Rose McGowan has released an experimental pop song called RM486 wherein she's topless, but also super creepy looking
- Peanutize Me is letting people customize a Peanuts character, as part of the promotion for the Peanuts Movie that's coming soon
- Just what makes that little old ant, er, rat try to carry a whole slice of pizza down into the subway. Only Pizza Rat knows for sure

With the midweek Naked Sports Report, we've got Natasha Olenski
- Legendary New York Yankee Yogi Berra died at 90 years old. In his 19 year career, he was an 18-time All Star, 3-time MVP, and won 10 World Series
- Brett Favre and Terrell Owens are among the new group of nominees for induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame
- Ragnar The Viking has been dumped by the Minnesota Vikings in a contract dispute, and the team is on the lookout for a new mascot
- The Oakland Raiders are the sole holdouts on painting the 50 yard line marker gold on their field
- Texas governor Greg Abbott has suggested the Dallas Cowboys sign Tim Tebow to take the place of injured Tony Romo. The Cowboys traded for Buffalo Bills QB Matt Cassell instead

Eila Adams watches television so you don't have to, and offers up the best clips of the week in Boob Tube
- Steve Harvey got his favorite answer of all time on Family Feud, when a player had a startling answer to "what's the last thing you stuck your finger in?"
- Former couple Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog were on Jimmy Kimmell to promote the new Muppet Show, and things got awkward
- Carli Fiorina sang a song about her dog on The Tonight Show
- It was South Park for the win yet again, as their season premiere took on Deflategate and Caitlyn Jenner

Sexy cosplayer Vera Baby auditioned a while ago, and we've brought her back today as a Guest Anchor to present Pillow Talk
- A Taiwanese inventor has created a vegetable-themed condom line to help men choose the right size
- UK therapy site Relate says 25% of people are dissatisfied with their sex lives, with half of people not having sex in the past month
- Pornhub has teamed up with artists and created Pornhub Apparel, being sold online or at their NYC pop-up shop
- A "robot ethicist", Dr. Kathleen Richardson, would like to ban sex robots
- A woman in Virginia was charged after she had sex with her passed-out boyfriend right in the middle of a parking lot. Both were drunk. Shocker

Things get wrapped up with Peyton and Katherine sharing their thoughts on some of today's stories. That includes the shocking Volkswagen scandal, Starbucks' new Mobile Order and Pay app, and a discussion on sex robots. Again.  And a reminder to keep listening to Vivid Radio at 3pm Eastern every weekday as Naked News and Vivid get together and talk headlines - salaciously.  We also have a new poll question on our previous blog post, so be sure to cast your vote! 

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