It was a great holiday, but we're back with a brand-new program!

We get things going with Guest Anchor Veronica in the Naked Newsroom
- China is working to shut down ivory trading inside the country's borders by the end of the year, which it's hoped will help the elephant population
- France's government has enacted a law banning companies from requiring employees respond to work-related email outside of work hours
- Finland is experimenting with a guaranteed income over the next two years
- Ikea has settled its case with a trio of American families that incurred injuries when the dressers tipped and fell over
- Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has been added to the Office of the US Trade Representative's "notorious markets" list
- A Sunwing Airlines pilot faces charges after passing out drunk in the cockpit of his plane ahead of takeoff

Madison Banes is Naked At The Movies
- Woody Harrelson's full-length movie "Lost in London" will be livestreamed into theaters as it's being shot, January 19th
- Logan, the upcoming Wolverine flick, will be R-rated, with Hugh Jackman reportedly taking a pay cut to show his faith in the plan
- Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig have teamed up to develop a musical based on "Everything is Coming Up Profits: The Golden Age of Industrial Musicals"
- Margot Robbie will reunite with Suicide Squad director David Ayer to bring Harley Quinn and other villains to the screen in Gotham City Sirens
- Ruby Rose is rumored to be joining the cast of Pitch Perfect 3, alongside Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Rebel Wilson

Guest Anchor Sadie brings us 2017's first Entertainment report
- Mariah Carey had some technical issues during her New Years Eve performance, and her people and the producers are squabbling over blame
- Love Magazine is releasing bonus clips from their Advent videos, including hotties like Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson
- Lui Magazine is featuring Victoria's Secret beauty Elsa Hosk
- Jenna Jameson and her pregnancy are out and about during shooting for her upcoming reality series
- Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and tennis superstar Serena Williams have announced their engagement

Guest Anchor Veronica has the Naked News Travels
- The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African-American History and Culture is the hot ticket, with up to 30,000 attendees daily
- has declared Air New Zealand their top airline of the year, with Qantas and Singapore Airlines right behind
- United Airlines has started charging Basic Economy passengers for the use of the overhead compartment
- The Will Ferrell-themed Stay Classy Bar recently finished its pop-up run in Los Angeles
- Sweden's Icehotel 365 is a newly year-round version of their famed hotel. Thanks to solar paneling, it won't melt come spring

Reya Sunshine answers a question about meeting a client in Ask A Cam Girl.

Eila Adams is this week's Naked Foodie
- A ramen joint in Tokyo will pay diners about $400 if they can finish their immense 15 pound dish - and 9 people have succeeded so far
- Walmart is now offering a private-label beer - Trouble Brweing.  It's apparently not terrific, but it's cheap
- Starbucks will offer fresh baking to Starbucks Roastery locations in Chicago, Seattle, and New York
- McDonald's will soon launch a mobile order-and-pay system that'll let people pick up their food without waiting in line
- Wendy's Frosty Keytag is back, offering a free Junior Frosty Treat with any purchase

And we close out with Madison, Veronica, and our host Katherine Curtis talking about their holidays. You'll want to see it, so go to now.